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World Water Day 2012

March 15, 2012

Every year, on March 22, the United Nations invites all the world's citizens to celebrate water. ONE DROP will of course be celebrating—while acting on many fronts and in many parts of the world to promote the cause of universal access to water.

ONE DROP will be taking part in the discussions and activities of the World Water Forum in Marseille to advocate for practices that protect and promote water resources. It will also be the perfect opportunity to tell people more about a ONE DROP project selected by the Forum as one of the most inspiring solutions to the world's water crisis.

Celebrations will also be in full swing at our project sites. Special activities are planned for India and Haiti, in cooperation with our partners. In partnership with CIBL and WACRB, ONE DROP will be making a splash on the waves of community radio as it broadcasts 22 water-themed clips in 22 countries around the world.

ONE DROP will also be taking the opportunity offered by World Water Day to raise public awareness of the impact of food choices on water resources. ONE DROP will furthermore be on hand in Las Vegas as its partners MGM and Treasure Island announce a major financial contribution to ONE DROP. Finally, Cirque du Soleil, in collaboration with ONE DROP, will present its social contribution and its “7 days for a better world” campaign.

Join us as we celebrate water on March 22, and on every other day of the year. View the full program of ONE DROP activities.

ONE DROP and ePals join forces to give young people a voice

March 15, 2012

ONE DROP is joining forces with the ePals community—an online social network bringing together nearly 25 million teachers, parents and students from some 200 countries—and invites elementary and high school students to take part in artistic, educational and engaging activities on the theme of water.

The ePals international platform allows ONE DROP to provide children and teachers with free access to learning tools linked to water-related issues. On the ePals ONE DROP page, young people have access to educational activities with an environmental and social theme, and are called upon to take part in discussions on water-related issues. In addition, a series of educational activities has been developed for teachers, to help them lead discussions on these vital questions. All educational material is available in French, English and Spanish.

Water on our plates

March 15, 2012

From February 22 to March 25, ONE DROP invites you to discover that “There’s water on our plates.” This campaign, which will be run primarily online, aims to make people aware that water is in everything. Water is necessary to produce the food we eat. Of course, some foods are greedier than others. A lot of water is needed to produce them—water that could be used for other purposes, to satisfy other needs.

To “eat” less water, simply consume more meatless meals, for example. It takes between five and 20 times more water to produce 1 kg of meat than the same amount of cereal. Another excellent idea is to avoid wasting. How hungry are you? It is better to cook just what you need, as every food item thrown away means water is being wasted when it could have been used to satisfy other needs. On Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, François Martin, Director of food services at Cirque du Soleil, proposes a delicious, low-water recipe. Young people visiting the ONE DROP page on the ePals platform will be invited to create a balanced, low-water plate!

Water is needed to produce the food we eat. To reduce our impact, visit Spread the word!

ONE DROP witnesses hope returning to Léogâne

February 6, 2012

Several thousands of Haitians can now enjoy a better quality of life thanks to Project Haiti, an initiative taken by ONE DROP and its partner OXFAM-Québec in the aftermath of the powerful earthquake that shook the nation in January 2010. The goal: to improve access to and quality of water, as well as the volume of agricultural production, for 108,000 men, women and children living in and around Léôgane, the region most devastated by this terrible natural disaster.

ONE DROP and its local partners are raising the population’s awareness of water-related issues and using social arts to devise viable development solutions with citizens. More than 87,500 spectators have already been reached by the show “Haiti: Words of Rain and Rainbows”. Although the reconstruction work is far from being finished, it is encouraging to see that ONE DROP’s measures are bearing fruit.

In Haiti, ONE DROP is already seeing the positive impacts...

January 12, 2012

While Haiti continues its reconstruction efforts two years after a devastating earthquake, ONE DROP is delighted to see that its water-access and sanitation project in the Léogâne region is already contributing to improve the living conditions of the region’s communities. Several thousand people are now benefitting from the positive impacts of the Haiti Project, an initiative carried out in collaboration with OXFAM-Québec, in one of the zones most devastated by the January 2010 earthquake.

By the end of the project in October 2013, 108,000 men, women and children will see their living conditions improved. Concretely, 160 family wells and over 1,500 metres of field irrigation canals have been built and rehabilitated with the goal of improving the yield of the next agricultural campaigns. What is more, two of the six water community centres planned are being rehabilitated. 

In addition to its technical water-access and sanitation component, the Haiti project advances social art as an awareness and mobilization tool. Through the multidisciplinary show “Ayiti pawol Lapli ak Lakansyèl” (Haiti: Words of Rain and Rainbows), ONE DROP plans to reach over 87,500 spectators and raise the consciousness of the Port-au-Prince and Léogâne populations on water issues.

View the press release here.


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