One cause, two voices

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ONE DROP France ready for takeoff with Patrick Bruel and Maud Fontenoy

France will soon be able to count on its very own ONE DROP committee to spread the “water for all” call for action throughout metropolitan France. In fact, the first meeting of the provisional ONE DROP France committee took place recently and projects have been put on the table to prolong ONE DROP’s work on the other side of the Atlantic.

One cause, two voices

Patrick Bruel and Maud Fontenoy have accepted to join the committee and let their voices be heard in favour of water for all by becoming spokespersons for ONE DROP France. Their mission: to promote the organization and raise theFrench people's awareness on water-related issues. Singer and actor Patrick Bruel chose to associate himself to ONE DROP out of personal interest. As for Maud Fontenoy, who is also a UNESCO spokesperson for the oceans, her remarkable career path as navigator, communicator and environmentalist led her most naturally to join the ranks of ONE DROP. Patrick Bruel and Maud Fontenoy both took part in the Moving Stars and Earth for Water event last fall.

So welcome Maud and Patrick! And thank you for contributing to ONE DROP’s mission: water for all, all for water.

Photo credit: Emanuele Scorcelletti

Published on February 11, 2010


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