Sanitation: the Honduras Project paves the way

Since the theme of this year’s edition of World Water Day is sanitation, we would like to share with you certain simple and concrete practices that concern the provision of safe drinking water and how it is managed. For its projects, ONE DROP uses accessible technologies designed with local material. Their impact is considerable on groups and individuals who use these technologies and, in addition, participate in activities set out in the arts and education unit implemented in their community. As they include these practices in their day-to-day lives, they begin to see the importance of adopting behaviours that are more respectful of the environment.

Potable water filters for everyone

Though this may seem trivial, distributing potable water filters is an extremely efficient and inexpensive method (from US$16 to $35 per filter). Filtrating water helps to eliminate a number of contaminating agents, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and worm eggs. In Honduras, two types of filters are currently distributed: Bioarena and Filtrón. The first one is a large-sized filter that filters up to 60 litres of water per hour. Once filtered, the water must be treated with chlorine. The second one is smaller and filters 1 to 3 litres per hour but, once filtered, the water is instantly ready for human consumption. So far, 250 filters have been distributed and ONE DROP plans to distribute another 1,100 as part of the Honduras Project.

Managing organic waste

Another efficient measure consists in restoring latrines by repairing the walls, roofs, floors and toilet bowls of existing, but damaged, latrines. Once they are in working condition, the latrines help to reduce the amount of organic waste (urine and faeces) that seeps into—and contaminates—groundwaters. As a result, using latrines considerably reduces the contamination of water sources in addition to helping individuals preserve their dignity. During the Honduras Project, ONE DROP plans to restore a total of 400 latrines.

These two simple yet efficient measures bring us closer to cleaner water and just go to show the importance of what can be accomplished, one step at a time.

Published on March 11, 2010


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