The ONE DROP™ approach, called A∙B∙C for Sustainability™, is unique and innovative thanks to its three complementary components. Simultaneously deployed, these three intervention components enable One Drop to generate positive results that go beyond “just” access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Indeed, the three-pronged approach ensures the effective management of local water resources and infrastructures. Because One Drop’s initiatives strengthen populations’ means of subsistence, their living conditions are greatly improved. Component A (Access to water and sanitation) was designed based on the integrated water resources management (IWRM) approach and the participation of all watershed stakeholders.

Component A vies to increase access to water—all while maximizing the economic and social benefits of the sound management of resources and respect for the environment. One Drop’s projects favor the participation of all water users and managers (citizens, farmers, breeders, industries, local authorities, etc.) during each step of the development and deployment processes of initiatives to improve water access and sanitation. Moreover, this participatory approach greatly facilitates social acceptability and ownership, both of which ensure the long-term viability of One Drop’s interventions.

Component B (Behavioral change), which focuses on inciting local populations to adopt responsible practices with respect to water management, reinforces the multiple benefits beneficiaries can receive thanks to improved access to water and sanitation. By developing playful initiatives that are deeply rooted in local cultures and leveraging art as a means to raise awareness and mobilize people, One Drop incites populations to reflect on the importance of water and what behaviors they should adopt to preserve it and ensure it remains accessible to all, now and forever. By becoming aware of the importance of adopting behavior that fosters better management of water resources and infrastructure, local populations ensure that the facilities we build are used to their full capacity and maintained to prolong their working life.

Component C (Capital) leverages the first two components to enable beneficiaries and communities to take advantage of the economic opportunities generated by improved access to water. Funding thanks to microfinancing as well as strenghtening beneficiaries' entrepreneurial and financial skills help develop or consolidate economic activities. By generating new revenue, local populations improve their means of subsistence and living conditions for years to come.

Improved access to water and sanitation as well as effective management of water resources and infrastructures are truly the starting points that help One Drop’s beneficiaries increase their abilities to incite change, reach their full potential, and influence their own lives. By strengthening the skills of local populations and enabling them to become self-sufficient, our interventions provide long-term, positive changes to families and communities.