Mission and Values


Water for all, all for water
Ensure that water is accessible to all, today and forever.


To play a role in changing and influencing how safe water is shared and made accessible around the world.


  • Water: a common heritage and a fundamental human right
    Water is essential to life. It is a shared inherent right to be preserved, protected and made accessible to all, today and tomorrow.

  • Solidarity and sharing the wealth
    Working together to share knowledge, experience and dreams, as well as material, financial and human resources is the only way to grow together and fight poverty.

  • Creativity
    Daring and creativity give rise to projects that inspire change and new solutions—ideas that go beyond any immediate impact to influence long-term success.

  • Transparency and Integrity
    By maintaining the highest standards of accountability and ethical practices, we work to earn and preserve the confidence and respect of our donors, partners and the public.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of ONE DROP are based on the will to ensure the longevity of our initiatives.

  1. Use of arts and culture when developing initiatives.
  2. Development and implementation of its own projects
  3. Participation in cooperative ventures, which requires that the following criteria exist:
      1. Lack of access to water
      2. Good governance
      3. An organized civil society
      4. Practical, measurable results
      5. Partnerships are made with organizations recognized for their social and cultural accomplishments, and collaboration with local populations and nongovernmental organizations.
      6. Utmost respect for social and cultural diversity.
      7. ONE DROP is non-partisan.


      ONE DROP believes in the power of global solidarity to drive change and realize the dream of safe water for all, today and forever.



      ONE DROP invites you to participate in several fundraising events all over the world, helping to improve access to water for all.



      You can purchase one of our products to contribute directly to ONE DROP's water-access projects worldwide.



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      • ONE DROP significantly and sustainably improves living conditions of communities worldwide
        while promoting self-reliance through innovative water access and management projects.
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