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What is the position of ONE DROP regarding water?

ONE DROP believes that water is part of humanity's common heritage. Provided by nature, water is an essential resource for all living beings and must be preserved and made accessible to all. The challenge is twofold : to provide access to sufficient quantities of water in the present, and to protect for future generations a resource without which they cannot live.

Is ONE DROP an organization run by Cirque du Soleil?

ONE DROP is an autonomous organization run by an independent board of directors.

What are your sources of funding?

ONE DROP™ has adopted a funding model based on partnerships and related interests with other organizations that share Guy Laliberté's vision. Anybody can get involved with the work of ONE DROP by contributing financially to projects in countries of the South or the North.

How can I make a donation?

To help support ONE DROP with a credit-card donation, click here. If you prefer to pay by cheque, please send your donation to the organization's head office in Montreal (Canada) at : 8400 2nd Avenue, Montreal, Quebec  H1W 4M6.

What are your future projects?

As well as the projects underway in Nicaragua and Honduras, ONE DROP is working on the development of similar projects in communities of Central America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

Can I volunteer on the ground?

It is not possible to volunteer to work on ONE DROP projects. These projects are set up in partnership with Oxfam International, which provides aid workers and other resources suitable for local needs.

If I have a project, can I ask ONE DROP to help me fund it?

ONE DROP develops and initiates its own projects. It does not give grants. The organization's projects are developed following a study conducted by experts in the field concerned.

Does ONE DROP publish a newsletter?

ONE DROP publishes a monthly newsletter outlining the organization's initiatives. To subscribe, click here. For the latest ONE DROP news, go to our website's homepage.

What is the registration number of the ONE DROP?

In Canada, the registration number is  853423192RR0001. In the United Stafes of America, the registration number is 26-3242787.

Why should I make a donation?

Contributions from the public to ONE DROP activities are used for project development. Supporting the work of ONE DROP is an act of solidarity toward people who do not have access to drinking water in sufficient quantity to live in dignity and good health.

How will my money be used?

Contributions from the public allow projects to be set up in countries of the South, where problems with access to water are greatest. The goal is to involve the public with projects that offer tangible and sustainable benefits to the communities targeted. Each project is adapted to the local situation and combines a technical program, a social art and popular education program and a microcredit program.

Does my donation qualify for tax deduction?

At present, ONE DROP is only recognized as a charitable organization in Canada and the United States of America. For this reason, only people living in Canada and in the Unites States of America can receive a tax receipt for donations over CAN or US $10.00.

What percentage of my donation will be allocated to project activities?

Thanks to the support of Cirque du Soleil and its founder, Guy Laliberté, the administrative costs of the organization are entirely covered. Donations received from the public are allocated in their entirety to projects in countries of the South.

Can I make a donation in kind?

ONE DROP does not accept donations in kind.

Can I make a donation in a currency other than Canadian dollars?

Yes. However, ONE DROP can currently only issue tax receipts for donations from Canada and the United States.

How do you select places to set up projects?

ONE DROP itself chooses where to set up projects. Selection is based on an exhaustive study carried out by experts using the following criteria : limited access to water good governance active and organized civil society potential for achieving tangible results.

Are you going to set up projects in places where Cirque du Soleil puts on touring shows?

There may well be future awareness-raising projects in certain cities where Cirque du Soleil puts on touring shows. However, ONE DROP programming is independent of that of Cirque du Soleil.

Can I organize a fundraiser for ONE DROP?

We ask that people interested in mobilizing others to support the work of ONE DROP share the information contained on the website with their friends and family, and invite them to contribute directly to ONE DROP activities.

How can I use water more responsibly?

ONE DROP's website offers practical advice on how to use water more responsibly in your everyday life. Thus, we encourage you to visit the home page and clic on the My Commitment section in order to learn more about a series of initiatives you may undertake to preserve this precious resource.

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