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En route to Rio+20

June 15, 2012

Twenty years ago, following the first Earth Summit in Rio, the concept of sustainable development made its debut on the international agenda.
This week, from June 20 to 22—two decades after the first Rio Summit—heads of state, government authorities, and representatives from civil society and the world of business will gather in the city to define how we can join forces and do our part in support of sustainable development.
ONE DROP will be there to witness this historic event. We will be participating in a host of events and conferences addressing water issues. We will also be meeting with major players in this field as well as those who work towards the eradication of poverty.
We are confident that Rio will open up avenues that will one day lead us to the preservation and sustainable use of our planet’s resources and the elimination of poverty.

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ONE DROP in Latin America

May 31, 2012

On April 29, two ONE DROP staff and five Cirque du Soleil® employees flew to Honduras then headed down the road to El Salvador to gain a better understanding of the positive, lasting effects of ONE DROP’s projects. A week later, with cameras full of photos and heads full of memories, they returned. Marie-Eve Roy—expedition member and Communications Director at ONE DROP—tells us about their adventures.

A total of eight families welcomed the visitors into their homes and shared their daily lives with them. Some of the families had access to the ONE DROP drip irrigation system and rainwater collection tanks. In a region that so often suffers from drought, this system allows people to grow vegetables with far less water than usual, this diversifying their diet and ensuring greater food security.

Some families also have access to microloans through the AZULA Fund created by ONE DROP, which they can use to start up their own small businesses.

“The results on the ground are really positive,” Marie-Eve says. “A family can satisfy its basic needs with a microloan. In other words, by becoming entrepreneurs they are able to earn a decent living. If only you could have seen the pride written across the faces of the people we met who can now fulfil their own needs themselves.”

One of the projects that the ONE DROP and Cirque employees went to see was a family’s beekeeping venture. Having borrowed the money they needed to make the hives, the family can now sell the honey their bees produce. Our adventurers arrived just in time to give them a hand bottling the delicious nectar!

They also helped a family that was expanding their garden thanks to a loan, tilling the soil and sowing seeds. The family can now sell their surplus vegetables in the village.
“We were really able to witness the benefits of microfinance,” Marie-Eve continues, “but the part that struck me the most was the social arts component.”

In fact, our party attended the 100th performance of an awareness-raising show in a village where young people had never had access to arts and culture like this before. Equality of the sexes with respect to division of labour was one of the main themes of the play, as was the importance of preserving the quality of water.

“When I saw how captivated the kids were by the play and I heard them talking afterwards, I realized that the message had been very well understood. It’s a really worthwhile approach,” Marie-Ève explains. “It creates citizens who are more open-minded, more aware and more capable of finding solutions.”

In the end, what this experience showed most clearly was the importance of raising awareness and taking real action. Our participation in the movement for universal access to water makes a difference. Marie-Eve concludes: “The first wave always starts with us.”

Thousands donate $1.4 million to ONE DROP to mark World Water Day!

May 10, 2012

ONE DROP is proud and honored to announce an unprecedented outpouring of support from partners, artists, fans and employees who donated $1.4 million towards financing projects undertaken by the organization in developed and developing countries, aimed at supporting access to safe water for all and raising awareness of water-related issues.

"ONE DROP founding partner Cirque du Soleil® has a long history of supporting communities worldwide. We have been truly inspired by the level of commitment of the teams, artists and employees who lent their talent and efforts to help us achieve our goal. Together, we have the power and responsibility to take action, in global solidarity," said Guy Laliberté, Chair of ONE DROP.

During the week of World Water Day, fundraising and awareness campaigns were launched through Cirque du Soleil’s 7 Days for a Better World campaign and through the “One Week for ONE DROP” partnership struck between Cirque du Soleil, MGM International Resorts (NYSE: MGM) and Treasure Island. The combination of these efforts resulted in proceeds from different Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas and around the world being awarded to ONE DROP. MGM Resorts further increased its contribution by donating an additional $1 million over the next five years.

ONE DROP would like to thank its invaluable partners, and their employees for supporting the cause of safe water for all, today and tomorrow. ONE DROP is looking forward to celebrating World Water Day 2013 with them.

"22 avril", It's our spring!

April 16, 2012

22 avril is an initiative from citizens from different walks of life and environmental groups. It is supported by different organizations and aims to be the largest possible gathering for the environment in the history of Québec.

As part of the organizing committee of the “22 avril” gathering, the David Suzuki Foundation offers its website to allow the largest number of people to show their support by signing the Declaration of “22 avril”.

If you care about defending our shared resources, the distribution of wealth, the rights of each and every citizen, and respect for the environment, just like ONE DROP and the 37,278 good-willed men, women, and children, join us on April 22.

Sign the Declaration and encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same.
It's our spring!

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World Water Day 2012

March 15, 2012

Every year, on March 22, the United Nations invites all the world's citizens to celebrate water. ONE DROP will of course be celebrating—while acting on many fronts and in many parts of the world to promote the cause of universal access to water.

ONE DROP will be taking part in the discussions and activities of the World Water Forum in Marseille to advocate for practices that protect and promote water resources. It will also be the perfect opportunity to tell people more about a ONE DROP project selected by the Forum as one of the most inspiring solutions to the world's water crisis.

Celebrations will also be in full swing at our project sites. Special activities are planned for India and Haiti, in cooperation with our partners. In partnership with CIBL and WACRB, ONE DROP will be making a splash on the waves of community radio as it broadcasts 22 water-themed clips in 22 countries around the world.

ONE DROP will also be taking the opportunity offered by World Water Day to raise public awareness of the impact of food choices on water resources. ONE DROP will furthermore be on hand in Las Vegas as its partners MGM and Treasure Island announce a major financial contribution to ONE DROP. Finally, Cirque du Soleil, in collaboration with ONE DROP, will present its social contribution and its “7 days for a better world” campaign.

Join us as we celebrate water on March 22, and on every other day of the year. View the full program of ONE DROP activities.


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