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Project Honduras: Consolidation and
Meeting no. 3

July 18, 2011

Working with local partners in Honduras, Oxfam and ONE DROP are coordinating two projects to ensure that families continue to benefit from the infrastructure and support offered during the implementation phase of Project Honduras. ONE DROP’s project manager, Tania Vachon, returned to Honduras in March 2011 to meet with Project Honduras partners and explore the needs arising from the next step of the project: the consolidation phase.

Oxfam has received funding from the Canadian International Development Agency for a food security project in the same region as ONE DROP’s own Project Honduras. Both organizations have decided to combine resources to help families maintain their infrastructure while improving food security by, among other things, increasing the size of gardens, improving the quality of the soil and further protecting plants from predators.

3rd International Meeting on Water, Social Arts and Popular Education

About every 18 months, ONE DROP organizes an event called the International Meeting on Water Art and Social Education, addressing issues related to social arts and popular education. In November 2011, the city of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, will host ONE DROP’s third such meeting. “Multidisciplinary shows and water” will be the theme of the upcoming edition.


June 15, 2011

From June 9 to September 17, 2011, the urban landscape will be beautified by four artistic creations spreading the word about water-related issues. ONE DROP, in collaboration with the Quartier des spectacles, is setting up the Urban-EAU project, which aims to give the people of Montreal and its visitors the chance to define the relationship they have with water in the urban space and, in so doing, raise everyone’s awareness of the cause of water.

Urban-EAU will enable ONE DROP to explore the urban canvas that is the Quartier des spectacles—from the Latin Quarter to Place des Arts—through creative concepts by four Montreal artists: Caroline Hayeur, Christian Miron, Peter Gibson alias Roadsworth and Sylvain Robert.

To find out more, log on to our Urban-EAU page.

Witnessing Haitians’ Artistic Souls

March 23, 2011

In February 2011, when visiting Haiti to meet with local partners, Special Projects Manager Marie-Josée DeBlois felt the added value of having citizens involved at the base of the artistic creation process supported by ONE DROP. Spending most of her time in Port-au-Prince and ONE DROP’s intervention area, Léogâne—the epicentre of the January 2010 earthquake—Marie-Josée’s days began early and ended late. First, together with the leader of the OXFAM team and our partner Atelier Toto B, she mapped out the implementation plan for the Haiti Project. Then, it was on to ONE DROP’S social arts and popular education program (a touring, multi-disciplinary show currently in production), where Marie-Josée worked with the co-directors to finalize the performance’s screenplay.

Twenty participants from quake-ravaged Léogâne demonstrated wonderful improvisation skills when asked to perform sketches about water to help inspire the show’s scriptwriters. Several of the scenes acted out by citizens depict local issues so well that they will performed nearly as-is in the show. The audience will therefore identify more with the characters and local solutions they are promoting. “Many participants believe that the new awareness-raising show will attract a huge audience, especially in Léogâne,” says Marie-Josée. “Not only because there aren’t many recreational activities there, but also because Haitians have an artistic soul. After an enjoyable day of discussions, storytelling and sketches, I, too, now see that aspect of their souls.”

AQUA: Flirting with Genius and New Zealand

March 23, 2011

ONE DROP’s AQUA experience was recently featured as part of [the French] CBC’s televised game show Génies en Herbe. During one episode, which aired on the French television network Radio-Canada on March 5th, cameras followed two teams of four adolescent geniuses to the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City. The teams eventually ended up within AQUA. Afterwards, when asked what they thought of AQUA, contestants shared their awe of the experience and the importance of water in our world.

“AQUA’s interactive experience, which uses various art forms to sensitize people to water issues while making them aware of the role they can play in finding a solution, is why we feel it coincides perfectly with the museum’s own educational mission,” explains museum CEO Michel Côté. Participants learn even more about the challenges facing our planet’s precious resource when they engage in workshops adjacent to AQUA. In its first six months at Quebec City’s Museum of Civilization, nearly 24,000 people had stepped into the AQUA experience, including adults, children and student groups. AQUA is in Quebec City until April 10, 2011, after which it will be heading to the southern hemisphere, at New Zealand’s Auckland Museum!

Since its inception, AQUA—a multi-sensory touring experience by ONE DROP—has educated, entertained and inspired some 200,000 people in three Canadian cities.

CYCL O: A very moving messenger

March 23, 2011

ONE DROP’s nomadic installation about the journey of water has a name! The CYCL O humanitarian project was introduced to the world in December 2010, at LA SOIRÉE ONE DROP in Miami, Florida. The moveable installation consists of a series of large- and medium-sized tactile (touch-screen) monitors, which present a free, fascinating and interactive learning experience all about water (including the little-known fact that humans are 70% dinosaur!). CYCL O takes about two minutes to educate, entertain and share its message about our world’s water challenges (in French and English). While empowering participants with information about what they can do to help preserve water, CYCL O explains how the tripod approach of ONE DROP is helping communities around the world gain access to clean water.

ONE DROP’s CYCL O installation was at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum from March 12 to 20, 2011. Keep looking here to find out where CYCL O will be going next!



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