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The One Drop Can

Can design with Bored & Thirsy and One Drop logo
Bored & Thirsty and One Drop are uniting their creative and philanthropic forces to work towards a sustainable future with safe water for all. Mirroring this vision, Boredroom, LLC's Bored & Thirsty line will feature special edition cans adorned with captivating designs and One Drop logos.
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These Bored & Thirsty cans, featuring unique art designs to raise awareness for safe water initiatives, are more than just containers; they are canvases that convey a message of hope and solidarity. Each can sold will contribute to One Drop's mission, with Boredroom, LLC committing to an independent donation based on sales.


At One Drop, we unite people and empower communities to solve the water and climate crisis through innovative, sustainable actions. Channeling the creative spirit of Cirque du Soleil, we rally local and international changemakers to raise funds and co-create solutions that drive life-changing projects worldwide.

Together, since 2007, we have transformed the lives of nearly 3 million people in Latin America, India, Africa, and among Indigenous communities in Canada, while also supporting water conservation, technology, and education efforts in Southern Nevada.

We would like to thank Boredroom, LLC who generously support our mission and help us work towards a sustainable future with safe water for all.

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