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World Water Day

One Drop Foundation - World Water Day
The world is changing. And so must our #WaterAction.

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Water drives climate action.

Water drives the self-determination of Indigenous Peoples, it is alive and is the source of all life.

Water drives a healthier world.

Water drives gender equality and equitable education.

Water, people and art are at the heart of a better, more sustainable world.

Together, let's turn water into action.

This World Water Day, become a vector of positive change by contributing to sustainable access to safe water. Each and every one of us – parents, professionals, philanthropists, young adults, retirees, and beyond – have the power, through safe water, to support climate action, reduce inequalities, and promote health and gender equality for a better world.

Together, we turn water into #WaterAction.

Be the change.

Tous les dons seront jumelés jusqu’à concurrence de $5000

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