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In Celebration of International Women’s Day, the One Drop Foundation Announces New Ambassador, Georgina Bloomberg

The One Drop Foundation is delighted to announce accomplished professional equestrian show jumper, author, businesswoman, mother and philanthropist, Georgina Bloomberg, as their new Ambassador. United by the power of art and the empowerment of women, international non-profit water foundation One Drop and Georgina are proud to connect their passion and commitment towards a better world.

Georgina Bloomberg and her son.

Georgina Bloomberg and her son.

This announcement is perfectly timed to International Women's Day. The One Drop Foundation and Georgina agree that women everywhere should live healthy and empowered lives. To this end, the One Drop Foundation supports the delivery of safe and quality maternal health services through water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure, behaviour change, and access to capital. Through its Social Art for Behaviour Change™ approach, the foundation develops the skills and networks for women and girls to become leaders of change in their communities. Empowering women and girls and promoting gender equality are fundamental to ensure sustainable access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for vulnerable communities. 

As a world-class equestrian, Georgina has trained her entire life to maximize her potential and believes every mother, woman and child should have the chance to experience their own form of female empowerment.

The daughter of former New York City Mayor, and 2020 presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg will support the One Drop Foundation through her participation in various charitable initiatives as well as the promotion of its unique projects around the globe.

Thanks to the One Drop Foundation and its partners, more children around the world are washing their hands at school, more health practitioners can wash their hands before and after helping women give birth, and more women are improving their entrepreneurial skills, advancing sanitation efforts while generating family income.

“It is only recently that I have learned about the amazing work the One Drop Foundation is doing and the impact of its unique approach. I immediately felt a deep connection to their values and their way of using social art to foster sustainable change. Art can be so powerful. I have been touched by the work they do in heath care facilities to make sure health care practitioners have what they need to help women give birth in safe conditions. And how they also support local women entrepreneurs. I look forward to using my voice to further the One Drop Foundation’s critical work,” said Georgina Bloomberg.

“It is with immense pleasure that I share the good news that Georgina Bloomberg will serve as the One Drop Foundation’s new ambassador – and what better day to make this announcement than International Women’s Day! Georgina shares One Drop’s values and is driven by our common aim to make a difference for women and children around the world. She has been inspired by our work to ensure access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene in health care facilities internationally, and she joins her voice to ours, to rally her network and share our vital message.” said Jean-Louis Dufresne, CEO, One Drop Foundation.

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