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The One Drop Foundation at World Water Week 2022

The One Drop Foundation at World Water Week 2022

The world’s freshwater is under unprecedented pressure from fast-rising temperatures, populations, and consumption patterns. To address this global water crisis and climate chaos, World Water Week 2022 will focus on how we value water. Revealing and understanding the value of water will trigger much-needed decisions, innovations, and investments in better managing water.

Organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute, World Water Week is the leading conference on global water issues. In 2022, World Water Week will communicate simply and clearly the value of water for human and societal activities. As people and nations gain a better understanding of how important water is to their lives and everything they care about, they place a higher value on it. This creates a virtuous cycle in which people care for water better, manage and share it more equitably, and waste or pollute it less, so that water can generate more benefits for people and nature.

World Water Week 2022 takes place from August 23 to September 1. For the first time, you can join us both online and on-site in Stockholm, Sweden.

Source: World Water Week

Alongside partners and leading organizations, we are looking forward to participating in World Water Week 2022 and sharing our systems strengthening and Social Art for Behaviour Change expertise.

Beyond Words: Art, Music, Sports, Celebrity for Change in WASH

Online session – Wednesday, August 24, 7:00-8:20 AM (ET) | 13:00-14:20 (CEST)

Science shows that joyful connections are strong motivators for learning and internalizing knowledge. Using art, music, sports, celebrity, and jingles, this session will spotlight unique behaviour change communication approaches that foster personal and collective responsibility for water, creating value and a platform for self-empowerment. At the heart of global water issues are people. How people connect and interact within a system is fundamental to addressing global water, sanitation, and hygiene challenges. Art, music, and sports are universal languages because they activate, connect, and inspire.

This session will highlight alternative behavioural change communication approaches to WASH. Keynote speakers will inspire participants with their experiences in art, sports, and music. This will be followed by three distinct breakout sessions facilitated by practitioners showcasing programs across the globe.

Theme one: Social Art for Behaviour Change, where the One Drop Foundation will facilitate an interactive session so that participants can co-create an artistic intervention on a specific behaviour with social art. Viva con Agua will present Walls for WASH in South Africa and WASHeros comics in Uganda.

Theme two: Sports, where soccer drills will raise awareness on WinS and MHM.

Theme three: Music, Jingles, and Celebrities will highlight how popular engagement approaches tackle taboo topics like menstruation, as in Albania and Nepal, and how catchy jingles help infection prevention and control in the Philippines.

The closing session will reflect on the approaches’ effectiveness and transferability to other settings, as well as their ability to facilitate knowledge internalization and activate behaviour change for WASH.

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GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH | One Drop Foundation | Sustainable Sanitation Alliance | Viva con Agua | WASH in Schools Network

Enabling development through the power of water and art

Online session – Wednesday, August 24, 12:30-1:50 PM (ET) | 18:30-19:50 (CEST)

Access to water is essential for development; yet for it to happen, people need to be at the centre of every action. Very often, WASH programs centre their efforts on infrastructure and capacity building using traditional methods. By contrast, Lazos de Agua co-creates solutions with/by/for the community, considering their culture and uniqueness, thereby enabling development through the power of water and art.

By giving a voice to different stakeholders of the Lazos de Agua program, this session will showcase the value of its systemic approach, its results, and the relevance of cross-sector collaboration to demonstrating that things can be done differently. Using creative and unique sound landscapes, the session will set the atmosphere for the audience while explaining the framework of the session: Inspire, Activate, & Sustain.

We will inspire the audience by sharing key stories from different stakeholders of the program.

We will activate the audience with a participatory exercise to collectively reflect on innovative ways—such as social art—to approach WASH and behaviour change challenges.

Finally, we will equip participants with tools and resources to sustain them if their desire is to replicate what they learned in the session.

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Convenors One Drop Foundation | FEMSA Foundation | Inter-American Development Bank | National Water Commission, Mexico | The Coca-Cola Foundation | Water For People

Maximizing the development value of water

Online & On-site session – Tuesday, August 30, 10:00-11:30 AM (ET) | 16:00-17:30 (CEST) Room 357

Adequate access to water as well as an adequate level of service are key for human and economic development. However, rural and other vulnerable populations in LAC face challenges, including last-mile challenges, that prevent the full materialization of the benefits associated with access to WASH services. This session will explore different tools and mechanisms to increase the impact and sustainability of water and sanitation investments, such as water tariff schemes that ensure sustainable service provision, systemic incentives for household sanitation, innovative and participatory behavioral change approaches, and tools to transform community’s perceptions of good hygiene practices, adequate water use, etc. Evidence-based cases will be presented at the session.

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Convenors One Drop Foundation | Inter-American Development Bank | Japan International Cooperation Agency | National Water Commission, Mexico | United Nations Children’s Fund | Water For People

Launch of the Social Art for Behaviour Change online course in Spanish – Wash Systems Academy

Cocktail on-site, Wednesday, August 31, 17:30 (CEST)

Art changes lives! Join a community eager to unite creativity and the power of art with sustainable water initiatives.

Social Art for Behaviour ChangeTM: The Basics is a free online course dedicated to showing how art inspires, activates, and sustains positive change. Understand the interconnections and relationships that are central to addressing the challenge of securing universal access to safe water, sanitation, and healthy hygiene behaviours. Social art builds connection and brings learnings to life with stories, music, and dance.

This free course—now available in English, French, and Spanish, powered by the One Drop Foundation—is brought to you by the WASH Systems Academy and made possible thanks to an investment from the RBC Foundation and the Lazos de Agua program

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Convenors One Drop Foundation | WASH Systems Academy | IDB | Lazos de Agua Program

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Jean-Louis Dufresne
Jean-Louis Dufresne
Chief Executive Officer

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Lauren Alcorn
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development
Lisa Clowery
Lisa Clowery
Chief Philanthropy and Corporate Development Officer

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water, it will make ripples throughout the entire pond.” -Bryan Matteo

Ernenek Duran
Ernenek Duran
Senior Director of Lazos de Agua Program

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Tania Vachon
Senior Director, Social Art for Behaviour Change

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