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Our Projects

The Pirursiivik greenhouse and social arts project

The Pirursiivik project supports the community of Inukjuak in developing an Inuit-led process to improve living conditions, through access to fresh produce and a social art program to promote healthy practices around water and nutrition.
Targeted population
3 years
2017 to 2020
Inukjuak, Nunavik, Quebec
Partners involved

One Drop thanks RBC, our partner in the Pirursiivik project — as well as our executing partner Makivik Corporation — for making this life-changing project possible!

The Pirursiivik project also counts on the complementary support of Cirque du Monde by Cirque du Soleil, for capacity-building and organisational support for Tupiq A.C.T., a multidisciplinary troupe of young Inuit artists from the region who are able to lead and replicate social art activities.

Our key strategies

Aptly named for a greenhouse project, Pirursiivik means “a place to grow” in Inuktitut. This project involves the community of Inukjuak in all its phases, from the original idea, to the design, construction, and management of the greenhouse. The Pirursiivik project also supports the community in developing key skills needed to ensure its sustainability. It creates local business opportunities, increases access to fresh local produce, gets local artists involved, and mobilizes the community through social art interventions.

A·B·C for Sustainability


  • The aim is to design, build, and implement a greenhouse, and eventually transfer it to a local organization to ensure its long-term management and operation.

Social Art to promote Healthy Practices

  • This project uses local traditions and culture as well as social art activities to raise awareness and mobilize communities to adopt healthy practices relating to water and nutrition.


  • The project promotes investments, to establish a sustainable business model for the greenhouse, and includes practical workshops and community coaching.
Over the first year of the project, a solid foundation was established, with strong ties to community organizations.
Pirursiivik has succeeded in engaging the most relevant social and governmental organizations in Inukjuak,
who are now active participants in the project.
The pre-feasibility study for the greenhouse, which included two rounds of public consultation, has been completed
The final concept for the greenhouse — which combines soil-based and hydroponic growing, as well as community-led and commercial operations —
had the support of more than 250 community members, including the municipal government and the local landholding corporation.
Various key community activities have already begun
including seedling, planting, cooking classes, and installing a hydroponic tower.
Planning for the project's second year activities involved representatives of 20 different community and regional organizations
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