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Project Rajasthan 2: Bringing Sustainable, Equitable Water Access to Sirohi and Pali

Photo credit: Raïsa Mirza
Project Rajasthan 2 builds on the success of Rajasthan 1 to further enable access to sustainable WASH services in 350 villages across Southern Rajasthan.
Targeted population
3 years
2022 to 2025
Districts of Sirohi and Pali, Rajasthan
Partners involved
One Drop thanks the project’s funding partner, Tata Trusts, and its executing partner, the Centre for microFinance (CmF) — as well as the State Government of Rajasthan, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Public Health and Engineering Department, Department of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and AaJeevika— for making this life-changing project possible!
Our key strategies

Project Rajasthan 2 builds on the success of Rajasthan 1 to enhance water security and address fluoride contamination across 350 villages in the Sirohi and Pali districts, spanning seven blocks. The initiative involves targeted interventions, including the empowerment of village water and sanitation committees and the execution of Social Art for Behaviour Change (SABC) campaigns focused on fostering behaviours crucial for water security and mitigating fluoride-related risks.

Additionally, the project establishes a state-level partnership with the government to provide technical assistance to ten selected districts. This collaboration focuses on bolstering the capabilities of Implementation Support Agencies in ensuring operation and maintenance and promoting water security measures for the sustainability of drinking water schemes in alignment with the objectives of the Jal Jeevan Mission.

Implemented amid the challenges posed by climate change, the project seeks to foster the adoption of key water behaviours, specifically those related to fluoride mitigation and water security, within the priority groups in the project areas. Furthermore, the initiative aims to enhance access to water-efficient practices and technologies in agriculture, contributing to broader sustainability and climate resilience efforts.

A·B·C for Sustainability


  • The project aims to improve access to WASH services through the construction of infrastructure and strengthening of water governance structures.

Behaviour change

  • The project implements social art activities to inspire, activate and sustain behaviour change around water security and water quality concerns.


  • The aims are to support families in elevating their income levels and foster market-based solutions, including the establishment of financial products and supply chain infrastructure that accelerate access to WASH.

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