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The Telomiova Project: improving climate resilience and sustainable access to WASH services

The Telomiova Project: improving climate resilience and sustainable access to WASH services
The Telomiova Project aims to improve climate resilience and sustainable access to WASH services for populations facing extreme barriers in Madagascar.

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69,000 people (54% women) and indirectly over 302,000 people
Targeted population
5 years
2021 to 2025
Menabe region
Partners involved
One Drop thanks Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation — as well as the project's executing partner, Helvetas — for making this life-changing project possible!
Our key strategies

The One Drop Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its new project in Madagascar, funded by the results of a watch auction co-organized by One Drop and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. This innovative project—submitted by nonprofit Helvetas—has been selected as a result of a call for proposals and will combine the missions of the two foundations. The Telomiova Project aims to improve climate resilience, the protection of natural resources, and sustainable access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services for the most vulnerable populations throughout 15 communes of the Menabe region in Madagascar. It will be implemented using a territorial approach in order to positively impact schools, health care facilities, and communities, and will look to create long-term impact by ensuring sustainable infrastructure, implementing One Drop’s Social Art for Behaviour Change approach, and strengthening adaptive capacities towards climate change.

A·B·C for Sustainability

Component A will involve sustainable investments in infrastructure in terms of access to WASH services and strengthening governance.

Behaviour Change
In terms of component B, the social marketing approach to behaviour change will be the key driver for sustainable changes in the use and management of WASH services and the protection of natural resources.

Component C will focus on strengthening the adaptive capacity of the population in the face of climate change and disaster risks, as well as empowering women entrepreneurs to implement income-generating activities that value renewable natural resources or contribute to environmental preservation.

Intervention zone

Menabe region

15 communes of 3 districts

“Telomiova” is the name of a five-petalled flower that starts out an intense blue, transitioning to a lighter shade as it ages, and eventually turning white as it wilts. In the Malagasy language, telomiova means “yesterday-today-tomorrow.” One Drop also finds inspiration in the flower’s five petals—one for each stage of WASH-related behaviour change (1. Inaction, 2. Awareness, 3. Preparation, 4. Action, and 5. Consolidation). 

In 2022, contracts were signed with 10 women’s associations as part of the Telomiova project, providing them with training and capacity building around climate-resilient irrigation and agriculture techniques.

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