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One Drop Lab for Change, Lazos de Agua Special Edition

Recap Lab for Change

Thank you to all participants!

One week to work together towards the achievement of SDG 6, focusing on increasing the sustainability of our projects and capitalizing on the Social Art for Behaviour Change approach.

November, 2019

This event is a participative learning experience where partners share knowledge and create impactful solutions, in the aim of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.

Information for participants
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Lazos de Agua, exclusive day for its project teams and conveners.


Plenaries and workshops around the SDGs and the contribution of our projects.


Plenaries and workshops on different decisive topics to the WASH sector.


Plenaries, workshops and a glimpse of an intervention, all related to the Social Art for Behaviour Change approach.


Sessions dedicated to communication, learning and knowledge in our projects.
Partners from 12 projects on 3 continents get together in Mexico, to strengthen the synergy between One Drop’s A•B•C for Sustainability model and their own models. We will have the opportunity to learn more about the potential of the SABC approach, challenge our current practices using concrete field experience, and explore other innovative solutions to improve our projects’ sustainability.

One Drop Lab for Change, Lazos de Agua Special Edition will be hosted in Mexico, where the Guanajuato project, from Lazos de Agua, takes place. This project, which is aligned with the priorities of the National and State governments and integrated with the state rural water and sanitation program, will benefit 45,000 people.

Learn more about the Guanajuato project below

A Lazos de Agua Project

Supporting behaviour change and strengthening the WASH sector in the state of Guanajuato
Targeted population
5 years
2017 to 2022
Guanajuato Mexico
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