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Sectors of Action

The One Drop foundation featured at C2 Montréal 2019

C2 Montreal interview with Tania Vachon

Aligned with this year’s theme ‘tomorrow’, One Drop was thrilled to take part in this 8th edition of C2 Montréal by presenting an interactive workshop on its creative approach to sustainability: Social Art For Behaviour Change (SABC). Entitled The Art of Creating Change, the activity conducted by One Drop’s team of experts in behaviour change took the sold-out audience into a creative journey where creativity, art and movement met to create a unique experience. The participants were then invited to apply the collaborative process of One Drop’s unique approach while reflecting on a better tomorrow and brainstorming on how we can create a more sustainable future for all. To end on a creative note, the One Drop experts gave the floor to two Montréal-based spoken words artists who proceeded to an impressive poetry slam performance, using the participant’s ideas as an inspiration for their collective work of art.

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