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Water is at the Heart of Climate Action

Water is at the Heart of Climate Action

“Water is the primary medium through which we perceive the effects of climate disruption, from extreme weather events, such as droughts and floods, to glacial melting, saltwater intrusion, and sea level rise.”

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

74% of natural disasters between 2001 and 2018 were water-related. The frequency and intensity of such events are only expected to increase with climate change.1
While industrialized nations are largely responsible for the emissions driving climate change, its effects will be primarily felt in tropical zones where most low-income countries can be found.2
Unlocking the Power of Water: A Blueprint for Sustainable Action

For over 15 years, the One Drop Foundation has carried out its crucial mission in highly climate-affected zones worldwide. Through innovative and holistic approaches, we ensure that our investments in the water sector intersect with climate action and enhance adaptation strategies to support those at the forefront of climate impacts—particularly women, children, and Indigenous Peoples.

Due to deforestation, climate change is being felt more than ever in Madagascar. Rivers that once flowed permanently to the ocean are now dry for half the year.

Due to deforestation, climate change is being felt more than ever in Madagascar. Rivers that once flowed permanently to the ocean are now dry for half the year.


  • By recognizing the environmental, economic, and cultural impacts caused by climate change, as well as our shared responsibility in adapting to them.
  • Planning and investing in sustainable water management that properly incorporates climate resilience, allowing progress to be made towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Implementing solutions that rely on diverse knowledge systems as well as artistic and participatory approaches to ignite water-wise behaviour change, which in turn promotes peace and safeguards cultural legacies.
  • Designing linking mechanisms between the water and climate communities, as well as identifying strategies to bring blended and equitable climate finance to the countries with the greatest need.

When you invest in sustainable water projects, you are fostering climate action. Water ought to occupy a central place in the essential discussions of our time, right at the heart of our conversations about climate action.

At the One Drop Foundation, our mission is to unite people and empower communities to solve the water and climate crisis through innovative, sustainable actions.

Since 2007, we have invested in sustainable, climate-responsive water projects impacting more than 1 MILLION people with access to water services.

Let’s turn water into climate action.


1 & 2. UN-Water, Water and Climate Change - United Nations World Water Development Report, 2020.

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