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Burkina Faso

The ECED-Sahel project: Water and sustainable economic growth in the Sahel region

The ECED-Sahel project contributes to the sustainable economic growth of the Sahel region of Burkina Faso as it improves access to WASH services.
Targeted population
4 years
2016 to 2020
Sahel Region
Burkina Faso
Documentary to watch (in French only)
Projet ECED-Sahel : De la pénurie a l'abondance
Partners involved
One Drop thanks our funding partners for the ECED Sahel project, Global Affairs Canada, and IAMGOLD. We also thank our governmental partners, the Ministère de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement and Office national de l'eau et de l'assainissement (ONEA), as well as Cowater, the project’s executing partner — for making this life-changing project possible!
Our key strategies

The ECED Sahel project supports income-generating activities in the Burkina Faso communities of Dori, Gorom-Gorom, and Falagountou. Project initiatives improve access to water and sanitation services, and provide capacity building and training to community organizations and governmental organizations for the governance and the management of WASH services and facilities. 62,000 people will participate in the SABC interventions over the course of this project; these social art intervention activities are led by Espace Culturel Gambidi (ECG) and two other local artists’ groups from Gorom-Gorom and Falagountou IAMGOLD.

A·B·C for Sustainability


  • The aims are to build water supply infrastructure, to deliver improved household sanitation facilities and institutional gender-specific sanitation facilities, to carry out capacity-building activities, and to train local artisans and other construction and technical workers.

Behaviour change

  • This project identifies and builds needed skills in Change Leaders, and the following behaviours through SABC interventions: handwashing with soap and water at key moments, the appropriate use and maintenance of household latrines, the maintenance of community sanitation facilities, and payment of the water service tariff.


  • This project takes income-generating proposals made by local organizations and develops them into successful businesses, to encourage micro-businesses and empower women.
New Infrastructure Inauguration in Dori
Read the article (French)

Successfully transferred the water treatment plant

to the National Water Utility ONEA and the Commune of Dori.

Two thematic shows

were performed and artistic/ pedagogical SABC workshops related to WASH themes were held in 16 schools.

Construction works for the water treatment plant and pipe system

in Dori and surrounding villages began in the first half of 2018.

The project’s SABC interventions

were designed in collaboration with local communities, a practice recommended in several studies and WASH analyses.

Case study

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