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PRISMA 2: Integrated Management of Maternal and Child Health in Artibonite

The PRISMA 2 project improves the quality of service at health facilities, in the aim of reducing maternal, neonatal and under-five mortality rates. By increasing access to WASH services and infrastructure, this project will benefit women of reproductive age, youth, and children.
Targeted population
4 years
2018 to 2022
Artibonite department
Our unique approach
SABC in times of Covid-19 | Prisma 2 Project, Haiti
Partners involved
One Drop thanks the project’s major donor, Global Affairs Canada, and its executing partner, Santé Monde – International Codevelopment, as well as the Ministry of Health of Haiti — for making this life-changing project possible!
Our key strategies

PRISMA 2 addresses maternal mortality rates in Haiti’s Artibonite department, an area with the highest neonatal, infant, child, and maternal mortality rates in the Western Hemisphere. The project, which is currently in the design phase, tackles the lack of continuous access to safe water, adequate sanitation services, and health care waste management/disposal facilities in Artibonite’s health facilities.

Working in 8 of the 15 Artibonite communes, PRISMA 2 strengthens the Artibonite department’s health governance, improves institutional emergency obstetric and neonatal care, and promotes community health initiatives to increase coverage for sexual and reproductive health services, and quality of care for mothers, newborns, and children. The health facilities this project supports will provide health services to approximately 150,000 women of reproductive age, 20,000 youth, and 68,000 children.


Designed and confirmed WASH infrastructure improvement plans

for 13 health care facilities.
As of 2021, 10 health care facilities were reached.

Responded to COVID-19 in coordination with the regional health authority and other organizations

by distributing 289 handwashing stations and 572 cases of soap to HCF and communities,
as well as training health care workers on preventative measures.

78,337 people

were impacted by the PRISMA 2 project in 2021.

10 health care facilities

were reached with better WASH services, in 2021.
Le National article (French only)

Expected outcomes for PRISMA 2

Significantly increased use

of quality health services by women of childbearing age and by children aged five years and less

Strengthened leadership and governance

for reproductive health and quality care for mothers, newborns, and children

Strengthened capacity in the targeted communities

to offer a favorable environment for the health of women, girls, and children

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