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Burkina Faso

A Family Farm with a History and a Future

man in field in burkina faso

Farming had been in the Traoré family for years. Ardjouma Traoré, living in the Cascades and Hauts-Bassins region of Burkina Faso, has been farming since he was a boy, using his family’s traditional practices. However, he was unable to produce enough to support his family.

Determined to find a viable way to continue farming, Ardjouma joined the Farming Association, a One Drop initiative and part of a larger project, which opened his eyes to new farming techniques and gave him access to financial resources.

In addition, One Drop invested in his farm by providing a motor pump and by putting up fences to protect his harvest. These investments, together with Ardjouma’s improved farming techniques, allowed him to increase his yield by being able to diversify his crop and operate on more land year round.

As a result, Ardjouma is not only able to provide more nutritious food for his family, but with the extra revenue from his farming, he’s able to cover the costs of his children’s schooling and pay for their healthcare. But best of all, because Ardjouma can now work faster and more efficiently, he can spend more time with the people he loves.

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