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The Americas

The Story of "Santa Inés"

Illustration of Santa Inés, from Mexico

When social artists of the Guanajuato project (Mexico) arrived in the community of El Junco, they were greeted by an Inés who had little drive.

One day, Inés took an interest in the One Drop Foundation’s artist-facilitated Social Art for Behaviour Change workshops and plays in which women participants were creating their own puppets and using them to tell powerful stories around the theme of safe water usage and treatment.

With each passing session, Inés regained her zest for life—to the point of organizing every second of her day to fulfil her commitments as a homemaker, mother, and apprentice in the art of puppetry. Little by little, she found new ways to make a difference in her community and inspire others to do the same. Ever since she began recording videos of what was happening in the community—from the patron saint festivities to the floods caused by recent rainfall—some of her friends and theatre companions have taken to calling her Santa Inés.

Through water and art, Inés has been able to come into a truer version of herself—as both a puppeteer and a storyteller in her community—one who is passionate about the well-being of others.


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A Lazos de Agua Project

Supporting behaviour change and strengthening the WASH sector in the state of Guanajuato
Targeted population
5 years
2017 to 2022
Guanajuato Mexico

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