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A∙B∙C for SustainabilityTM

Access. Behavior. Capital. These are the three active components that we use to form a united force when it comes to water for consumption, productive purposes, hygiene and sanitation to help communities reach self-reliance. The combined power of these three components is the unique formula that makes our water access and sanitation projects sustainable.


Provide people with the infrastructure for improved access to safe water for consumption and hygiene, as well as sanitation.


Use locally inspired social art forms to raise awareness, mobilize communities and influence positive behavioral change over the long term.


Offer financial and entrepreneurial training as well as microloans to support market-based solutions, local agricultural production, economic growth and improved community well-being.


“We saw the improvement directly on our plates!
I already see an improvement in our financial situation since I grow everything myself. Everything is fresh from my garden and I no longer need to go far to buy food. I’m very grateful for this project.”

Measuring Success

Measuring our success is central to demonstrating the performance and the quality of our A∙B∙C for SustainabilityTM theory of change and the impact generated by our projects. KPIs are defined for each project. Moreover, independent studies are systematically conducted two years after the completion of each project. Our Monitor, Evaluate and Learn (MEL) approach focuses on many key result areas, such as:

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Sustainability of the project infrastructure
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Improvement of living conditions
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Behavior change toward water, sanitation and hygiene