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Making a difference, One Drop at a time

Making a difference, One Drop at a time
Our projects have a positive impact. From improved access to safely managed WASH services, to healthy behaviours adopted by communities, to a strengthened role for artists’ groups as change leaders, and increased social capital, all resulting in healthier and happier communities.

Take a look at our impact reports

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Our projects

Our projects focus on people: we empower communities to drive systemic change!
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About One Drop

Learn more about the global water crisis and about our foundation.

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More impact, together

Each $1 donated to the One Drop Foundation unlocks $7 in actual funding—from project partners, local governments, and communities—and it all goes directly to our water mission, worldwide.

Knowledge & Learning

In our quest to achieve sustainable change, we innovate; we co-create with artists’ groups, partners and communities; we connect with people across different sectors; we take risks... and we always keep learning.
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Impact Reports

Take a look at our impact reports
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