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One Drop Announces New Collaboration With CanWaCH

The One Drop Foundation is proud to announce our exciting new membership with the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH). We look forward to collaborating with this network of more than 100 NGOs, academic institutions, health professional associations, and individuals (including some of our current partners such as WaterAid Canada, Cowater International and CCISD) to improve health outcomes for women and children worldwide.

As a new member of CanWaCH, the One Drop Foundation looks to collaborate, learn, and help advance our continued goal of addressing women’s and children’s health and equity as part of our portfolio of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) projects. More specifically, it will allow us to increase our impact in the global effort to build resilient WASH systems in health care facilities through our A•B•C for Sustainability™ model. This is in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 (“strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.”)

All CanWaCH members work to ensure that women, children, and adolescents around the world realize their right to thrive in full health. And by working together, CanWaCH members are able to enhance the sector’s ability to coordinate efforts, innovate approaches, and amplify diverse perspectives through “thought leadership” and evidence-to-action initiatives. With the ongoing global pandemic, it is clearer than ever that water, sanitation, and hygiene behaviour change are integral to quality patient services and cross-cutting multiple health related global outcomes.

This collaboration allows One Drop to share our work and build bridges with other Canadian agencies, to exchange lessons learned, to amplify our impact, and to strengthen our relationship with the Canadian international development sector. It is also an opportunity to keep on sharing One Drop’s unique Social Art for Behaviour Change™ approach—based on the power of art to trigger emotion, action, and sustainable change—and to explore the ways we can collaborate with other agencies and communities.

Together with CanWaCH, One Drop is turning water into action.

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