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Burkina Faso

Saniya So+ Project

This projet's aim was to support Access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Health Care Facilities in Burkina Faso.
Targeted population
2 years
2020 to 2022
Commune of Banfora
Burkina Faso
Partners involved
One Drop thanks Espace Culturel Gambidi, the executing partner, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the Financial Partner and Ministère de la Santé, Ministère de l’eau et l’Assainissement du Burkina Faso and Commune de Banfora, for making this life-changing work possible!
Our key strategies

The Saniya So+ Project aimed to support an initiative in the District of Banfora by our partners at the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Over a period of two years, Saniya So+ contributed to better health outcomes for the population of the area by improving access to safe and inclusive WASH services in 17 health care facilities. More specifically, the project set out to create long-term impact by ensuring that infrastructure investments are also accompanied by Social Art for Behaviour Change interventions as a key driver for lasting change.

In addition, women's economic groups have received entrepreneurship traning linked to WASH-value chain.

A·B·C for Sustainability

This project strengthened governance for WASH services and improve health care providers and patients' access to infrastructure by, among others, constructing/rehabilitating the water supply system in patient areas, prioritizing the maternity wings.

Behaviour change
It worked with health care providers and patients on the adoption and maintenance of positive hygiene and sanitation behaviours in health care facility settings, with a particular focus on maternity wards.

It also strengthened the value chain linked to WASH in health care facilities by organizing, among others, entrepreneurship trainings to support local economic growth.


In response to COVID-19, 13,400 people were reached by social art interventions with mascots in HCF and public spaces, 21 high-traffic areas were equipped with mobile handwashing stations, benefitting more than 5,700 people, and 46 health care workers participated in a photo exhibit on the importance of regular handwashing with soap, physical distancing, mask usage and other key hygiene behaviours.


136 health centre workers


138,406 people

now have access to new and/or rehabilitated health centre infrastructure

Capacity building of approximately 450 people

health workers, support staff, artists and health centre users

Nearly 150,000 people

reached by SABC activities

Six micro-projects

were developed for the implementation of income-generating activities related to WASH services

More than 1400 people

reached by micro-projects aimed at strengthening the WASH value chain
Portraits to promote heathly behaviours

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