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An Association That is Driving Change  

Illustration of Ms Nomenisoa, from Mexico

Vice-President of the FVTA association Francine Josée Nomenisoa is renowned for her innate leadership skills and commitment to the community of Ampanihy, which is located in the Menabe region of Madagascar.

In addition to farming initiatives, the association is renowned for its efforts to raise community awareness through artistic approaches, particularly around the effects of climate change on agricultural production—consequences that are already being felt in the region.

By getting involved as an artistic partner in the 2022 Telomiova project, FVTA has been able to strengthen its role as a driving force for change within the community.

After participating in a June 2022 training course on the Social Art for Behaviour Change (SABC) approach organized by Helvetas and the One Drop Foundation, Ms Nomenisoa provided a positive account of her experience. According to her, this innovative and unique approach will have a positive impact on the practice of behaviours related to handwashing, water transport, and storage in the community, helping to strengthen resilience in the face of the many challenges brought about by climate change.


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The Telomiova Project: improving climate resilience and sustainable access to WASH services
69,000 people (54% women) and indirectly over 302,000 people
Targeted population
5 years
2021 to 2025
Menabe region Madagascar

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