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Lazos de Agua increases its impact in 2019

Lazos de Agua increases its impact in 2019

The number of participants in Lazos de Agua Program projects has continued to increase this year, and the program has begun to explore new initiatives to extend the scope and effectiveness of its projects. Lazos de Agua representatives are also taking part in a variety of international events this year, to highlight the program’s successes and advancements, and to outline its model and approach.

In April 2019, Lazos de Agua representatives took part in the LatinoSan conference in Costa Rica. In August 2019, they will be participating in World Water Week 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden—an annual water sector event, where experts from One Drop will lead a session entitled “Social Art for Behaviour Change: contributing towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6” and will participate in a panel entitled “Remote WASH: quality and lasting services for rural communities”.

In other Program news: Lazos de Agua recently worked with implementation partners to carry out a number of internal studies and workshops in order to identify the Program’s key strategic orientations and to complete the 2019 annual work plan. And the Program's board members recently met in Guatemala, leading to two initiatives that are currently being developed: the digital agenda, and C component enhancement. These initiatives include a Lazos de Agua Midterm Evaluation.

Digital Agenda

This strategy aims to increase the scope and the effectiveness of Social Art for Behaviour Change (SABC) interventions by seizing the potential of the digital world. The Digital Agenda will enhance community autonomy with respect to promoting and adopting healthy behaviours, and will help communities better harness the infrastructure and WASH services that have been implemented through Lazos de Agua. Stay tuned!

C Component Enhancement

Lazos de Agua projects include many activities that focus on enabling the financial environment to increase the pace of access to WASH services. New strategies are being devised in order to create more effective WASH-related activities, to respond to specific local needs, and to increase the Capital component’s inherent benefits. It is anticipated that these new strategies will foster results related to both Access and Behaviour Change.

Midterm Evaluation

An outside firm has been hired to carry out midterm evaluations across the five countries that participate in the Lazos de Agua Program. The evaluators’ mandate is to provide thorough, accurate, updated information that will enable the Program to take strategic decisions in the interest of the its participants as it continues into its second half.

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