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Lazos de Agua Program

Join us as we build on the successes of the Lazos de Agua Program and expand through a new, 5x more impactful phase.

Despite the fact that Latin America and the Caribbean have the largest freshwater resources per capita, a third of the region's population is cut off from sustained access to drinking water. (United Nations)

In 2016, the One Drop Foundation called upon its network of change-makers to build a Program that would improve the lives of Latin Americans by empowering them with sustainable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

As the strategic implementing partner of the Program’s first phase, One Drop Foundation has led this initiative in five countries, fostering collaboration between governments, NGO’s, public and private entities, artists, and at the center of it all, community members.


The first phase of the Lazos de Agua Program included projects in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.

Driven by the One Drop Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the FEMSA Foundation and the Coca-Cola Foundation, the Lazos de Agua Program has succeeded in building favorable environments for the sustainability of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services during its first phase.

We have surpassed our goal of 200,000 people

empowered through sustainable access to water, sanitation and/or hygiene by December 2022.

235,863 people
now have sustainable access to water, sanitation and/or hygiene services
249,912 people
have participated in Social Art for Behaviour Change activities
2,181 microcredits and direct support
have been given to MSMEs out of a target of 1,498

Our impact is measured beyond the numbers

Our operations achieve sustainability through social innovation and the power of art, co-creating solutions around water, sanitation and/or hygiene with our partners and with communities. Get to know some of the Program’s participants and their stories.

We need to go beyond infrastructure

Through One Drop Foundation’s systemic A·B·C for Sustainability™ model and Social Art for Behaviour Change™ approach for community engagement, the Lazos de Agua Program creates a ripple effect that goes beyond United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation for All.


In the Lazos de Agua Program, One Drop Foundation’s Social Art for Behaviour Change approach increases and strengthens the sustainable practice of fundamental behaviours such as: handwashing with water and soap, safe treatment and storage of drinking water, and payment of water and/or sewage service fee.

Learn more about the effects, both immediate and long-term, experienced by the Program’s participants

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Lazos de Agua in the news

With more than 760 media mentions, the Lazos de Agua Program and its partners have brought international attention towards water-related issues in Latin America. Now that the first phase of the Program has wrapped up as a complete success, we are expanding our network to pursue our mission in the region.

Our journey continues…

The Lazos de Agua Program has succeeded in building enabling environments for the sustainability of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programs during its first phase in Latin America, exceeding its goals.

For its second phase, we seek to scale up based on what we have learned and the relationships we have built over the past six years to impact the lives of more than ONE MILLION Latin Americans.

To achieve this, we must continue working in close collaboration with governments, NGOs, other public and private sector entities, artists and community members, facilitating the sustainability of systems and the empowerment of communities.

Lazos de Agua - Going beyond water and sustainability

Within the framework of the UN 2023 Water Conference, the One Drop Foundation, FEMSA Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank announced their commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 through the development and support of programmes such as Lazos de Agua, which will enable sustainable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for more than 1 million people across Latin America by the end of 2030. In announcing this ambitious goal, a call to action was made for more organisations to join the ongoing initiative to improve living conditions in the area.

Through a second phase of the Lazos de Agua Program set to launch in 2023, we will scale our impact in countries where the Program is present as well as initiate new projects in other Latin American countries. To contribute to this new chapter, please contact Lisa Clowery, Chief Philanthropy and Corporate Development Officer.

Contribute to the Second Phase

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