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One Drop’s commitment to WASH in Health Care Facilities

One Drop in Washington
One Drop in Washington

Updated May 25th, 2020

One Drop was in Washington DC on June 19, 2019 to attend the Global Health Council Stakeholder Commitments Gathering, where funders, NGOs, FBOs, corporations, and the United States Government committed to ensure that everyone who seeks health care, no matter where they live in the world, will have access to a hospital or health clinic that has water, soap, and toilets!

The “WASH in health care facilities” resolution, which was unanimously approved by all 194 World Health Organization Member States, sets out clear plan to develop national roadmaps, set and monitor targets, increase investments in infrastructure and human resources, and strengthen existing systems to improve and sustain water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services in health care facilities.

Our International Programs Director, Lauren Alcorn, presented One Drop’s commitment to WASH in Health Care Facilities (HCF).


One Drop fully supports the global Call to Action to prioritize WASH in all healthcare facilities, by investing in WASH infrastructure, and providing technical assistance in behaviour change approaches towards the adoption of key behaviours that protect both care providers and patients.

One Drop’s innovative Social Art for Behaviour Change approach is being applied to WASH in HCF initiatives, aimed at ensuring that improved WASH services translate into better and safer quality of care.

One Drop is currently supporting WASH in health care facilities initiatives in Haiti, Malawi, in Burkina Faso and Mali; the focus is on co-financing (with global budgets totaling up to $46M) & providing technical assistance specific to Behaviour Change, by applying Social Art methodologies. One Drop’s current financial contribution amounts to US $7M across the 4 countries, benefitting a total of 86 health care facilities—and our intention is to increase our commitment. Each of these projects is unique to its individual context, and we are documenting the learnings, working in collaboration with our partners and agencies (like the CDC), towards consolidating our expertise as contributing members of the Global Task Force led by the WHO.




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