Burkina Faso
2011 — 20165 years
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We’ve determined clear criteria to identify where we can make the most difference when it comes to sustainability.

Significant impact

Ensure that we will have a significant positive impact on the ability to access to water and sanitation is key, since it is at the heart of our mission. Equally essential is that all main stakeholders demonstrate their willingness to actively participate in the process to make it a sustainable endeavor.

An organized civil society

The civil society must be sufficiently organized to take on a leadership role in the implementation of the project and provide the required follow-up to guarantee its sustainability.

Good local governance

A stable political and social context is an essential prerequisite for undertaking any action in favor of development. A successful project requires a democratic political context where it is possible to engage in constructive dialogue with civil society, and allow the population to take an active role in its implementation.